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OcuStrong - About

OcuStrong was designed to address presbyopia. Presbyopia is the common farsighted condition many adults experience as they age. Individuals suffering from presbyopia may have difficulty seeing small print without the use of reading glasses. Many people believe vision loss is a normal part of aging. Although, vision loss is typical, it is not normal!

Our bodies are designed for peak performance even in our golden years and exercise is the key to maintaining our strength, so I utilized this principle to create OcuStrong. In just a few weeks my vision improved from 20/30 to 20/20 simply by using OcuStrong at least once a day. The daily exercise program is available exclusively on the App Store and requires less than 2 minutes each day to complete.

Are you frustrated knowing your perfect vision has declined? Are you tired of holding a book five feet from your face to read it? Are you aggravated because you had to purchase a pair of reading glasses just to look at your mail? Stop watching your vision slowly decline! Take control and regain your independence by downloading OcuStrong™ today!

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